Although we are a faith-based charity registered with the charity commission in England and Wales, we have over ten years’ track record of human capacity development of people of a variety of nationalities, a variety of cultures, of all faiths and even none. Simply call us ABC which may mean Alive Believers Church or Alive Believers Centre interchangeably, depending on context or the relationship we keep with you. Whatever the relationship we have with you, we value you and we respect you. We care for you and we hope to meet your needs either spiritually, psychologically or emotionally irrespective of your age, gender, race or ethnic background.


The values of our faith is based on what The Bible teaches. We find the teachings of The Bible consistently harmonising the church with the community, influencing our approach of an equal duty of care and welfare to everyone whether Christian or non-Christian, hence our lead campaign strategy – “My Church and My Community”. We encourage you to come to church and engage in life changing worship which we strongly believe brings redemption, healing, peace, joy and contentment to the innermost, unspeakable depth of your soul. As community centre, we have funded projects which are focused on human capacity development and community cohesion in accordance with government policies in the UK.